Hairy times ahead

As an Actor and a Model I often have to get new head shots taken - especially when my look changes from month to month (such a first world problem)

Attempting to sift through the thousands of photographers online, heaps of whom have gorgeous portfolios, can be both daunting and exhausting.
It's can be a challenge when your budget is tight, but I've managed to find some new favourite photographers along the way.

It's an honour to get my photo taken by so many gorgeous people, and meeting so many new creatives, one of whom being my pal Greta, who took my first round of head shots. I've included a few of my favourites below.

I think we will be working together again soon - so excited for the content that is to come!

It's very strange seeing old photos of me with hair - I've definitely become used to the short bowl cut life! 

Having all of your hair cut off is definitely one of the most empowering things you can do - I've never felt so free before. In saying that, I definitely miss flicking my long locks around!


With not having hair it's definitely made me think - I'm very lucky in order to be able to work with hairdressers and companies that allow me to change my look so often, but I know that a lot of people are not.

Around 20% of people around Australia have Alopecia, thousands of children lose their hair each year due to medical conditions or treatments, and adults also suffer from hair loss due to these same reasons.

In 2014 my brother, [who's hair was longer than mine!] donated all of his hair in order to have it made into wigs, for children who had lost theirs due to medical treatments. 
There are so many great charities out there that allow people to donate not just money, but their hair as well in order to change the lives of children and adults alike.

Angel Wigs, Give Now, and Variety are great ways to get involved and help make someones day.

It's my goal to regrow my hair, after my next bout of hair modelling, and donate it to those who are in much greater need of it than myself. Here's hoping that it'll be healthy enough to help somebody!


As I was saying, in my hunt for a new photographer I found the gorgeous portfolio of Miss Sarah Tee, her ideas aligned with my own: natural lighting and not in a studio.
I love to work outside with natural lighting, gorgeous scenery and of course relaxed environments - anybody who knows me, knows that I am way too chill for my own good.
So sometimes being cramped inside a studio in front of hot lights can make me uncomfortable, it also makes my make up sweat off, classic, but not a great visual.

Working with someone who not only has such a beautiful eye for detail but is very open to shooting in so many different locations, not to mention a total babe, is so refreshing. You definitely attract the kind of people who fit your vibe - Sarah is one of them.

Her shoot really made me confident with my new found bowl cut and made me get out of my comfort zone, I'm more Actor than Model, but I'm trying my best. 
I'm so happy with how they turned out and feel the need to post them to everyone I know - don't worry, I'll stick to posting them online.

Here's a few you may not have seen over Instagram, hope you like them as much as I do!

[be sure to suss out Greta and Sarah's work online - you won't regret it!]

Here's to sticking to goals and making the most of every situation x

Dominik Shields