How it's the 5th of January already absolutely blows my mind! I told myself that I was going to be good and start work much earlier than this... but what's new years resolutions without broken promises?

The end of 2016 was a wonderful and crazy time. I headed over to Bali with my boyfriend and his family in December, this was the second time I'd been to Bali, the first with boyfriend in Feb.
This trip allowed me to not only relax and take a well earned break from my very busy year, but also stretch out my photography hands, I'm pretty stoked on how a lot of my images turned out!
The trip started off in Pemuteran, which is in the North West of the Island, it took us around 6 hours to drive from Denpasar to our destination. We managed to hit wild wacky wet weather, our driver told us it hadn't rained this hard for months. Typical, but I guess it was the rainy season!

Our drive took us up winding mountain roads, as we drove up into the mist we could see out over most of the island. It was even more beautiful on the way back down.
We stayed in the gorgeous Taman Sari, snorkelled out at Shark Bay [after a very terrifying boat ride... for me at least], and ate many delicious meals at restaurants and warungs in the surrounding area. 


Looking out at the crystal blue water was a wonderful way to wake up, it was beautiful snorkelling out on the reef in Shark Bay, but I did notice how littered the oceans were. It was heartbreaking to see the amount of rubbish, plastic and general waste floating around the ocean. This isn't only a problem in the Indonesian area but around the world - luckily there are people out there who are helping combat this issue. Eco Mantra are helping create sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to remove waste as well as create clean energy throughout Bali. Of course there are other great organisations such as Sea Shepherd, Project Aware, The Ocean Clean Up, who are helping clean up the debris left behind in the ocean, but we can do our part too! If you see litter whilst swimming take it with you back to the beach, simple as! Every little bit counts.

We stayed in Pemuteran for 4 days before heading 125km back towards Seminyak, so we could spend Christmas at Ku De Ta.
On our way back through the mountains we stopped at the Munduk Waterfall, hung out with some roadside monkeys, saw the Twin Lakes [Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake] and went to the Bedugul Temple. During our time at the temple we witnessed a ceremony, thanking the gods for all of the rain that the people had received, for it had restored the Lakes volume.


Christmas in Bali was wonderful, albeit a sweaty affair, a wonderful lunch with cocktails followed by many rounds of Uno with the family. It was great being back in Seminyak, this time with boyfriends sister who knew the best places to eat! 

My top recommendations: Corner House [which just so happened to be at the end of our street... Shoutout to revolver espresso iced coffees!], Ginger Moon [shout out to dumplings and ginger mojitos!], Earth Cafe [the best vegan food I've found in Bali so far... scrambled tofu... a vegan Reuben sandwich, breakfast burrito... I'll stop], Sisterfields and their coffee bar EX PAT, and of course Motel Mexicola, the best Mexican of my life! Plus a rum cocktail as big as your head.
Snacks? Head to Mad Pops - yummiest vegan ice cream I've had for a while, all coconut based and the caramel praline flavour? Don't get me started.

After the whirlwind of Bali, we left so we could trek down to Lorne to celebrate New Years Eve at Falls Festival with some buddies. I've never been before and for my first year it was awesome, I've only ever done 1 day festivals, so experience 3 days and camping was definitely an experience. A hot, sweaty, wet, weird, experience. I have the awkward sunburn/tan to prove it. DMA's, London Grammar, Violent Soho and Booka Shade were highlights of the whole festival, I've had Booka's EVE and Movements 10 on repeat since I got home. 

The new year has left me optimistic, longing for change and excited for what's going to happen. Last year was so good for me work wise, so now I'll have to hustle twice as hard. I grew and learnt a lot about myself and my work, and I've rediscovered old passions and hobbies, which hopefully I'll be able to do something with... 

Let's kick our resolutions to the curb [much like I have already...] and focus on our mini goals, whether they're day by day or week by week. Any achievement, big or small, is awesome and you're gonna accomplish SOMETHING throughout the next 360 days. I know it!
I can't wait to see how much butt we kick this year.


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