Velvet Dreams

On July 12 I turned 23, wore grey velvet down at the Brighton beach and had amazing film reviews recited to me over a delicious breakfast.


About a month ago I was lucky enough to be asked to partner up with Frank and Dolly’s: a gorgeous space down in Geelong [peep em here!] who curate some of the most lovely pieces and designs.
From the beginning Joel and Rachel were so kind and welcoming, I felt like I was instantly apart of their family and I haven’t even met them properly yet!

After snooping around their online store for a little bit I managed to fall in love with everything that they sell, they were lovely enough to say the words “velvet”, “grey” and “skirt” in one sentence. So naturally I said yes and started planning a thousand outfits in my head.

Working in retail gave me the opportunity to style and design kits, which I don’t get to do much anymore, so being able to work with really cute pieces and my own wardrobe is something I’m always down for. Should I have become a stylist instead of an Actor?

If you know me you’ll know that I love velvet more than most other fabrics, [but denim will always be my number one] I love velvet so much that if it’s on anything there’s a good chance I’ll buy it.

The pair sent me their gorgeous Velvet Maxi Skirt in Moonlight from their Velvet Moon collection. Honestly. I can’t get over it.

What have F&D said?
Velvet Moon // Where magic dances through lush velvets, rich linens, colourful embroidery, simple denim and hand painted embellishments. We will meet you under the Velvet Moon… 

Get ready to float your way through winter with this striking velvet maxi skirt!

In rich colours, reminiscent of Bohemian Soirées under the moon light, this three teared, elastic waisted skirt is glorious!”

The skirt retails for $139.00 and as soon as you pick it up you can see why, the quality of the garment is second to none. It feels just as luxurious as it looks, the soft dark grey changes to a gorgeous blue grey in the light, it moves when you move. 


Their sizing is great, they have a really great size selection. They have a size guide on their website as well – super handy!

For me, it was a challenge as I’m freakishly small for such a giant, so I did find it hard to wear high-waisted, but there’s nothing a safety pin can’t fix.

This skirt can be worn both high waisted as well as on the hips – a much more slouchy look. I do prefer my skirts [jeans, pants, literally everything I own] to be high in the waist but seeing the images on F&D’s website of it low slung has got me changing my tune.

[Hi Erin! Ya gorgeous human in super cute overalls]

I was inspired to create two looks with this skirt one that was very me – slouchy, casual and kicking around in a pair of sneakers. As well as a look that was slightly more grown up.


I’ve been living in these grey Nike’s ever since I bought them – they’re the ultimate grey shoe (but they’re no vapour… I’m sure to be adding these to the collection soon enough) they work with literally every outfit I’ve got - classy, casual, my pyjamas, you name it. I love everything about them. Not only are they super squishy to walk in and provide me with some sick support, they look fresh as hell.

This turtle neck from Uniqlo is another piece I’ve been living in. I’ve always been really against anything that isn’t a crew neck – high neck lines always make me feel like I’m being choked to death.

But after my photoshoot with Toni & Guy, where I was put into a gorgeous cream one, I’ve changed my tune. These turtlenecks are so soft, super warm and I can buy 2 sizes up without looking like I’m drowning. Winter staple. Life saver.

Alternatively you could smarten it up with a pair of boots. These I got on sale at Target many moons ago, they’re the best, no other boot will ever compare. They’re pointy, they’re high, they don’t kill my feet when I’ve been wearing them for 9 hours a day. Best. 

This ‘grown up’ version is one my mum will probably prefer – it’s put together, ‘you look like an actual adult’ and you can incorporate a more ‘work wear’ style. Pair this skirt with your favourite black or white blouse and you’re office ready – make it a statement piece, it’s the perfect eye catcher!

I’ve paired this look with my all time favourite black cami from Gingham and Heels and these sick slide on mules – they’re very Gucci without the price tag and leather. And of course I bought them in the heeled version as well, my inner Elaine Benice comes out every time.

I was shooting with the very fab Greta Punch. Not only a great photographer but also very good at movie reviews - I now want to watch the new Mummy film... to see if its as weird as she described. 
Greta has managed to shoot me twice now and each time makes me fall in love with her work all over again. She has an eye that I definitely don’t and can make me look like some sort of professional who has their shit together.

shout out to me with hair.

shout out to me with hair.

Her work is not only gorgeous, she is super speedy with her turn around time. When she shot the image above it only took 1 day for her to get my head shots back. AMAZING.

If you’re ever in need of a good headshot / lifestyle or fashion blogger photographer – hit her up here, here and here. You won’t be disappointed.

This skirt is going to be getting so much love throughout Winter and coming back around into Summer, I can’t wait to see what the new Frank and Dolly collection will look like for the upcoming season.

Whilst this skirt is on the higher end of the price scale [honestly it is worth every penny and I’m not just saying it] they do offer AfterPay as well – um, hello clothes now, money later.
AfterPay both makes and ruins my life - and bank balance.

Thank you Joel and Rach for giving me a new staple piece for my ever growing black, white and grey collection. 

Dominik Shields