Dominik Shields is an Actor, Model, Photographer and all round general creative from Melbourne, Australia.
She is a proud vegan, lover of books, a makeup enthusiast and eternal cat lady.

I was born to two English parents in Auckland New Zealand in 1994, we, along with my two older brothers, travelled across the sea when I was quite young, to Australia.

Here we raised two guide dogs for Guide Dogs Australia, which instilled my love of Labradors, as well as helping every and any animal in our backyard. I currently have two cats that basically rule the Earth around me and keep my life interesting to say the least. 

As I grew up I wanted to be a thousand things - a vet, a firefighter, a doctor, a violinist, a book editor a circus performer, but never stuck my teeth into any of those things. When I was four and a half my mum took me to a ballet / dance class held at a local hall, I spent a grand total of 2 minutes in the room before walking out because it 'was boring and I don't like it'. Typical.
I stumbled my way into another room where people were pretending to be other things, I sat down and was enthralled by this teacher, who I studied under for 10 years. It was then that I knew I didn't want to be anything else other than an actor, wearing crazy costumes and exploring the ways in which I could be those 1000 things I'd always dreamed of.


My love of performing grew as I got older, inspiring me to study it in 2013, a year out of high school. I took a break to 'find myself' and 'discover who I wanted to be', and to be honest my gap year travelling really worked. Or maybe it was all the red wine I drank in Italy.   

Throughout my time at University I dabbled in a few other interests as well - history, anthropology, photography, creative writing, nutrition - but my main focus was always on the Performing Arts.
I finished my degree at Deakin University in December 2016, throughout this time I was working as an actor on short films, theatre & children's theatre, as a model as well as fitting denim at a local retailer. Another big passion of mine, denim, denim and more denim.
I kept up my studies, I learnt more than I ever thought at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in June 2016 through the wonderful humans at Hollywood Immersive, and joined them again for a Melbourne masterclass in December 2016. I'm currently studying under Peter Kalos and reading every kind of book I can get my hands on.

I'm constantly learning and excited about new opportunities and looking to new experiences. 

I look forward to bringing you along with me.


x Dom